Lyrics for the CD “One Lifetime is Not Enough” by John Eberhard


I walk along in the blistering sun, can I forget?
I got the curse of the empty pockets upon me yet
It doesn’t pay my bill for dinner, It doesn’t buy the things my baby needs
How do I become a man of means? Oh yeah

I finally found a dark cool cave, what do I see?
A pile of gold and jewels so high, it’s ecstasy
A voice behind says help yourself boy, In fact you feel free to pick up all you need
There’s only a minor price you see, Oh yeah

Got a monkey on your back
And you got your fingers in the stack
And you say you never will
But you got your fingers in the till
Can you ever walk away?

He told me that the deal was simple, carry him
The golden man on the coin was winking, it’s no sin
He said that I’d have to bring him with me, And carry him until all my gold was gone
And then I’d be free to carry on, Oh yeah

Pretty soon he told me what to wear, and what to do
The money like a needle in my arm, down the tubes
I didn’t mind the looks from my friends, I didn’t hear the words behind my back
How did I get so far off the track, Oh yeah


After a while my friend was smelling bad to me
Why couldn’t I be strong and change my destiny?
Next time I returned to the cave there, The golden man was laughing furiously
You’ll never be free of us you see, Oh yeah


Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

Home Tonight

Looking for you, I’m lost, yes it’s true
And you’re nowhere in view
Gotta find my way home tonight

I looked downtown, Then checked cross town
My car then broke down
Gotta find my way home tonight

Bridge 1
I can see you’re never satisfied
All your digs I cannot brush aside
And you know it tastes like cyanide
But I can’t walk away

You said you didn’t like my face
And you said I was a big disgrace
Our relationship will be erased
As you drive away

I’m feeling grim, Torn limb from limb
And my prospects are slim
Gotta find my way home tonight

Guitar solo

Bridge 2
I got into a fight tonight
And I know it didn’t help my plight
I got arrested and I spent the night
In a cold jail cell

In the morning then I had a chat
With a pretty lady bureaucrat
Then she came unlocked the habitat
And I’m on my way

Her name is Jane, Turns out we both like chow mein
I guess I can’t complain
Cuz I found my way home tonight
Yeah I found my way home tonight
Finally found my way home tonight

Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.


Oh what a tangled web they weave
The things that they make you believe
A machine, And you don’t have a soul
You’re only just a piece of clay
Pretty soon you’re washed away
But I wonder, I have to say

Could it be, like the gods of Olympus we?
So much more than we know

Just a little tiny speck
Don’t you know you’ll never get
Any more, It was never in the cards
You have to learn, accept your fate
Maybe we can rehabilitate
But I wonder, And I have to say


I know, I see
There’s a higher path for me
It’s the spiritual, not physical
Finally, on my way

Who can write a symphony?
I know there’s so much more for me
And we will, Create a whole new world
We’ll take off for the stars tonight
I know this time we’ll get it right
Yes I know, And I have to say


Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

As One

You’ll come to me someday
I know we can find a way
Don’t say never, not forever
You and me, baby we could be
For a while, for a while, as one

You could help me be free
You could be what you want to be
Can I hold you? Never told you
I love you, what I want to do
Come with me, we could be, as one

Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

Follow it Carefully

I’m walking alone upon the hill, look down to the valley below
A wilderness far as I can see
Been traveling long by force of will, the darkness beginning to grow
Just maybe this world’s not meant for me
Then I came upon a clearing there, met a man who really seemed to care
Light it seemed to shine out from everywhere

I was wandering lost, that was yesterday
Didn’t even know I was too blind to see
Now I’m on the path, a man has found the way
We just have to follow it carefully

The longer I stayed, the more I knew
He taught us each day, more and more
The darkness began to fade away
And finally I could see anew, the answers to questions before
And maybe a better game to play
And I saw the crowds they grew and grew
Come to find out why, like me and you
We all heard the words that rang so true


The power of knowledge made us strong, reach out to the stars and beyond
Invisible chains dissolve away
The pain of the past is finally gone, we walk as our passions arise
We’re watching the dawn, a better day
And I came upon a new world there
Stood behind the man who really cared
Light it seemed to shine out from everywhere


Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

Forever Alive

Last time love, you were what I adored
Stronger than any I’d had before
But things didn’t go as we planned
Split apart, and we went our separate ways
Never again to look in your face

Long apart, and the time took its toll
Seemed like forces beyond our control
We’ve had time to look at ourselves
Recognizes mistakes that we made before
Maybe it’s time to try it once more

Forever alive when I have you near me
Forever I smile when I see your face
Looking up to me, now I can see heaven’s gate
Forever your love is the thing that saves me
It fits like a glove in a tight embrace
Now my heart can mend, long gone is my endless wait

Never know what you’ve got, till it’s gone
Now I know, after waiting so long
If the spark can still remain
You will save me by saying you feel the same
Forever your touch, I feel it again


The future never looked brighter than now, my dear
Your hand in mine is the thing that will calm my fear
Our dreams are alive, and the sun’s shining bright
Oh a brand new day. Our love is here to stay


Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

The Ballad of Thomas J

Virginia heart and born the lucky son of wealthy man
Educated in the higher halls and learned to work the land
But the events that were to follow me I never could have planned
Who knew? Where to?

The continental Congress it was fighting for a chance
Do we toe the line and pay the tax, or take a battle stance
In the end we decided we’d define the circumstance
We’re free, you’ll see

We stepped out into midair, Risking it all
Invincible we could not err, Never to fall

Glory gone and troubled times have spread across the land
Two hundred forty years are gone like tiny grains of sand
How they destroyed the shiny new machine I don’t understand
All changed, deranged

They use money to control the people, simple and so neat
Create the Fed, run up the debt, and own us all complete
But it’s all just an illusion used to knock us off our feet
Their schemes, unseen

If I could only know their names, meet face to face
I would loudly tell their shame, time can’t erase

My name is Thomas J, you know me by my words
As long as truth’s self evident, my voice will still be heard
With firm resolve let’s take it back and change what has occurred
I know, let’s go

Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

Your Big Objection

A mighty long sad time has fallen by the wayside since you
You made me blue
I lost the glue
Don’t have a clue

Confusion prevails and I’m quite off the rails in my brain
I missed the train
A sad refrain
Out in the rain

Before my life was pure perfection
At least before your big objection
A cold rejection

I can barely function while sitting at the junction of numb
I’m such a bum
I’m feeling dumb
I broke my thumb

Now I see before it wasn’t all magic
Maybe you purposely made it tragic
Wreaking havoc

I’m feeling better now I finally see that you’re not here
Bye bye my dear
Solution’s clear
Won’t shed a tear

It’s mighty official now you can’t just whistle my name
I know your game
Remains the same
You killed the flame

You got the boot
The point is moot
I’m resolute
You’re destitute

Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

Next Time Around

A piece of art so good, that it belongs in the Louvre
It’s like a masterpiece, it gets your heart on the move
And all the strokes on the canvas are the best they can be
It’s what you give to me, it’s all the colors I see

Pre chorus 1
I know it’s crazy, but just a single life
It doesn’t seem quite long enough
Maybe we’ll make a, a new arrangement here
Create an even stronger love

One lifetime is not enough for me to spend with you my love
So keep an eye out for me, cuz you know I will find you
Next time around

Verse 2
There’s a new best seller that is just coming out
A tale of you and me, that’s just what it’s about
The characters are moving and the plot is divine
Can’t stop the pages turning, gotta read every line

Pre chorus 1


Verse 3
There’s a new play coming, the release is all set
They’re talking big awards, it’s gonna be a sure bet
And now the stage is ready, and the curtain will rise
And honey I will know you when I look in your eyes

Pre chorus 2
You think I’m crazy, I’m playing the longer game
A new adventure waits for us
And something tells me that you will feel the same
And we will make it fabulous


Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

Never Agree

Journey far, on an empty sea
Never found any peace for me
Angry sky, the coldest rain
Never slowed my long campaign
I will remain
Miles to go before I’m done
The promised land
Sought by everyone

Came upon the isle of calm
Weary bones beneath the palm
Looking out, can see for days
Nothing here to stop my gaze
Above the maze
Answers here, simplicity
Now it’s clear
Don’t have to agree

Where am I, a destiny
Came to solve a mystery
Then I saw the stars collide
Never had a better ride
It’s clarified
Then I came back home to see
I had the key
I’ll never agree

Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

A World or Two for You

Old man are you listening?
It seems a long time you’ve been missing
Cuz I was just here reminiscing
You’re so far away

We spent some time together
Shared some time and some endeavors
I thought we’d never break that tether
It all went away

My new invention
I’ll try to change a world or two for you
A new dimension
More understanding
More tolerance and just a bit more truth
Mind expanding

There’s lots of things that we agreed on
A formula you could succeed on
But there’s one thing we could never meet on
It broke us apart

You reached out and got me reeling
From beyond the grave to tell me your feeling
Sometimes I feel like it’s still bleeding
A hole in my heart


And I’ll make a place where you’ll understand
A bridge all from here to a distant land
I’ll show you if you only take my hand
If you’ll look around and listen to me
You might hear some things where you will agree
A stronger and better reality

I’d like to have a new conversation
Maybe share some information
And it might be a revelation
Can you listen to me?

If you could see the world through my eyes
There are some things that you might realize
And you might see a different sunrise
A feeling so free


Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.